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Laser Light Heat Transfer Papers

It's an age old question in our industry, inkjet or laser heat transfer paper?  If this was 10 years ago, we might have pointed most of you in the direction of inkjet.  The conventional wisdom back then was that inkjet produced more vibrant, more sustainable colors than laser.  Fast forward to today and now we can honestly tell you that the answer now is - it depends. This is not say that one if any better than the other but each holds it's own unique space in the industry.  We would still recommend inkjet for the more vibrant color jobs you might have but laser is excellent at producing heat transfers en masse. Even better,  all our laser products hold up wash after wash with the same resiliency that our inkjet products do.  We won't tell you if one is a better choice for you and your project but we will tell you that whatever you choose...we 100% guarantee great results.