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Dark Inkjet Heat Transfer Papers

Dark Heat Transfer Papers.  You either love them or hate them.  Why?  Because for so long they just didn't work as advertised.  The peeled, they cracked, the images looked like you drew them on with a crayon in a drunken rage.  

So why do we sell them?  We sell them because we were one of those people who hated them. So you know what we did?  We found manufacturing partners to help us create the best Dark Heat Transfer Papers the word has ever known.  Are we overstating this?
No we are not, our lineup of Dark Heat Transfer Papers are...from top to bottom...truly remarkable.  They don't peel, they don't crack and the only time you're in a drunken rage anymore is when you run out of dark transfer paper and you have a big order that's due. But that's OK...we deliver so fast...you'll be back up and running in no time flat.