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Wholesale Heat Transfer Paper - the story behind the concept.

At least once a day, we get a call or an email asking us for our wholesale heat transfer paper pricing.  And most of the time, for the customer, they don't get the answer they want to hear.  The truth is wholesale pricing is available only for those customers who order by the caseload and even then only in great quantity.  

Let us explain the wholesale heat transfer paper supply chain,  We contract with giant manufacturers to produce and in some cases retail our heat transfer papers to you the customer.  Once you factor in our production costs, there is very little  "margin" to be had to keep us in business.  Our pricing reflects the bare minimum we need to "keep the lights on".

So when a customers asks us for wholesale pricing on orders less than about 3000 dollars...it would end up costing us money to sell product any cheaper under that mark.  

Once you get north of 3 grand, then we can kind of make money on a wholesale heat transfer paper order.  We can make money by shipping the heat transfer paper direct from the plant to the customer, saving shipping to our warehouse.  Even then we are not breaking the bank but it is a nice basis for us to have some steady repeatable income.

So next time you ask for wholesale pricing, just note that we are not being jerks, but we do need to feed our family and you can only do that with profits.  Even then, our pricing is usually the best you can find.  

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